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      Tactical Night 5th March 2017   22/02/17

      Hello TTRO, New Tactical Night date is set - Check the Home Page and the Planetside 2 section to sign up! Let's have another great night working together!
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    Hello TTRO,
    Tactical Night once again, this time it will be on the 5th March 2017 and start at 8pm GMT 
    Current Outfits taking part are :- TTRO, EXOD, GETR, DVS, BAWC
    The outfit that will be leading will be a member from BAWC and co-leading will be GETR.
    The usual squad setup will be 24 from each outfit and must be on teamspeak !
    Squad Leader -
    Number 2 -
    Number 3 -
    Number 4 -
    Number 5 -
    Number 6 -
    Number 7 - 
    Number 8 -
    Number 9 -
    Number 10 - 
    Number 11 - 
    Number 12 -
    Please comment below if you are able to join and if you'd like a squad leader position!
    Any questions feel free to ask Jeffw0mbat 
    We have important news! We've decided to move over from to discord permanently. What does this mean? Well this means that we will no longer use the "TTRO" WhatsApp Group. The reason for this move is because of how successful Discord has been over the past few weeks, and we hope this trend continues!
    You can find us here: https://discord.gg/2NhEApR
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